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  • About Us

        Caoxian Hengzheng Arts&Crafts CO.,LTD is a professional factory.It produces all kinds of wooden,willow and grass products.It lies on onetime course of Yellow River in the southeast of Shandong Province,and this area is rich in agricultural by products.
        Our company makes use of many kinds of trees,willow and poplar in addition to the soft grass which are planted in native place.We combine the traditional craft with modern technology.We produces six series,six thousands varieties of all shapes of mini-furniture,present-boxes,wooden toys,festival presents,willow products and grass products.Our products are sold to Europe,America,South Africa,Japan,Southeast Asia,HongKong,Macao and so on.
        We also can afford to make all kinds of products of grass,willow and wood according to your pictrues and size.Welcome all the customers from home and abroad for business!

    Our Products

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