Hydrosys Industries provides customized engineering design, fabrication, installation, commissioning and complete project management services for high-pressure equipment and systems. Other areas include trading of high-pressure pumps, tubing, fittings, adaptors, gauges, transducer, chart recorders, torque wrenches and quick disconnect couplings.


Hydratech prides itself to be extremely competent and result-oriented, where cost
and quality blends strategically.

What YOU Can Expect?

Professional advice & solution
We are in the businesses of growing our clients’ businesses, regardless of the size, scope or type of project.Our idea of providing an environment that fosters strategic thinking by using a seamless interface between account servicing and creativity.

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Room 2515 CaiFuXiHuan Building, No.58 CaiHuYing, West 2nd Ring, BeiJing, P.R.China 100054
Tel: 010-63357350
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